The First Secret of Success

“Social media’s a numbers game, isn’t it?” observed one of our clients the other day, knocking a nail smartly on the head.

Most would agree that a basic objective in marketing is reaching the target audience.

Measuring the followers of many agricultural business accounts shows farmers as a quite small minority (typically fewer than 20%). Then overlay the central statistic that impressions – the followers seeing a post – centres around 20% on Facebook and Twitter, and we have what can be called the 20% of 20% problem.

20% x 20% = 4% of course and so even with, say, an apparently good 5000 followers across accounts, the critical number to know is that only 4% of those seeing posts, on average, are farmers. And 5000 x 4% = 200. A shortfall of 4800 from the deceptive, apparently promised, topline reach.

This shortfall explains in large part why engagement on business accounts is low: only a fraction of the target audience is seeing the posted content. Knowing this is the first secret of social media success.


Through research, testing and extensive practice we have uniquely effective solutions to the 20% of 20% problem. These solutions, and all the benefits, are available to agriculture sector businesses uniquely through Social:Farmers.

Benefits include: measurably much more effective marketing communications as measured by target audience impressions, increased attraction of new target audience farmer followers, higher engagement rates, excellent brand reinforcement, event support, the ability to offer content magnifying support to distributors, and even the potential to sell directly from social media.

Social:Farmers offers the perfect combination of social media solutions backed up with invaluable practical farming experience to give comprehensive social media marketing access to each of the following:

  • All Agriculture

  • Arable Sector

  • Dairy Sector

  • Livestock Sector

  • Amenity Sector (Spring 2018)

  • Export markets? Overseas farmers and distributors can be reached equally effectively.

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