Farmer Tweets And The Pareto Principle

Almost exactly conforming to the classic 20:80 Pareto Principle, 79% of farmers’ tweets are supplied by 21% of farmers. just under half of all farmers posting, on average, less than twice a week with some rarely posting.

The chart of individual farmer's Twitter activity as a proportion of the whole shows a remarkable difference between different kinds of Twitter user.

To the left, almost a half (47%) tweet less than 100 times a year. To the right, one-in-twelve (8%) tweet over 1000 times per year.

  • Obviously different Twitter users are getting different things from the social media platform. It would appear that Twitter users can be differentiated. Taking just two groups there are the mini/midi tweeters (under 1000 tweets per year) and the macro-tweeters (over 1000 tweets per year).
  • The mini/midi tweeters are the norm - as defined by the practice of the majority of 79% which is to tweet between 0 - 999 times per year. For many Twitter would appear to be an 'inbound' activity, well captured in the phrase of the Twitter user who said "I love Twitter but I never tweet". This matches the parallel conventional world of print and broadcast media. Few of us write a letter to the editor or contact a TV or radio programme.
  • The macro-tweeters - those tweeting over a thousand times a year - would seem to be responding to a new-found freedom created by social media; being able to broadcast and communicate as never before possible. Partly, perhaps, as a purely 'outbound' activity not necessarily with any anticipation of any interaction; and perhaps partly as intended 2-way or small group dialogue but as discussion open to others in the public forum.

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