How many farmers use social media?

The question of how many farmers use social media is a common one. The largest source of variation is geographical: farmers in the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Turkey, Australia and Norway are amongst the highest users of social media. Italy, Colombia and Finland have somewhat lower useage currently.

In the majority of countries farmers' use of social media has never been shown to differ significantly from their country's general population. After all, why should it?

After differences between countries next greatest as a factor in social media useage, as everyone is already well aware, is the age demographic.


The data shown above are from the highly reliable annual UK Ofcom survey and show that in 2018 (which is currently, in 2020, their most recently published data) around 80% of UK adults were using one or more social media platforms. 

In 2020 with the continuing trend for growth in social media amongst those aged between 55 and 74, a not unreasonable estimate would be that between 80% and 90% of those involved in farming in the UK are actively using one or more social media channels.