How many farmers use social media?

Our 2017 survey of marketing managers in UK agriculture asked: "what proportion of those actively farming do you believe to be using social media?"

The mean average of estimates of the number of those actively farming using social media was 49% (fieldwork: June 2017). Almost half (48%) of respondents believed the proportion was either 35% to 45% or 45% to 55%.


The mean average estimated prediction for the year 2020 was 68%, a predicted annual rate of increase of 6.5% from the 49% current estimate.


A linear increase at this rate would see around 90% of those actively farming using social media by the year 2023

The Critical Success Factor

The quality of the followers is at least as important as their number.

Obvious as it may seem, cool graphic design, superb images, nifty GIFs and polished videos aren't a meaningful part of the marketing programme unless they're first teamed with extensive target audience reach.

Almost all business accounts in agriculture have fewer than 20% farmer-followers. And both Facebook and Twitter show around 20% of followers the average post.

Since 20% of 20% is 4% there is a dramatic marketing difference between the visible number of followers and the almost invisible number of farmers being reached. For example, an account with 5000 followers is reaching 200 farmers, with 2000 followers the number is 80. As Sir Michael Caine might say: "Not many people know this."

Staying grounded about the true reach and effectiveness of free-to-use social media is the first secret of success


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