Researching Farmer Opinion Using Twitter Polls

Our Twitter Polls are effective at measuring farmer opinion at a fraction of the cost of regular market research.

Audiences available for your questions: cereal growers, OSR growers, potato growers, sugar beet growers, dairy farmers, calf-rearers, sheep farmers, beef farmers and pig & poultry farmers. And to gain a more global view, farmer polls can be conducted simultaneously in several countries.

For more on our Twitter Polls visit Farmer Twitter Polls.

Selling Using Social Media.

Q. What's the difference between marketing and selling?

A. A simple explanation making the difference crystal clear is surprisingly hard to find.

Our practical experience shows that on social media, marketing and selling can be happening together at the same time. Both are about the ability to influence, and our sales figures to farmers directly off the back of content posted on social media are a more than robust demonstration of the influencing strength that social media can exert. For more information: Selling using social media.

Winning Website Visits

Providing links to switch a user from their social media session to your website is easy.

Stimulating clicks on the links is a skill to be mastered. Follow this link for a case study increasing farmer web page visits by 700% over SEO - Winning website visits (see what we did there?).

Achieving Content Likes From Farmers

Likes are upfront and central in the social media shop window; everyone looking sees them and takes notice.

But interpreting their business value matters too; every like has its own quality metric and simply counting the total number of likes is no longer enough. Our aim is to win likes, a) from the target audience, that were won, b) by marketing/selling content.

Possessing the power to achieve both at the same time is a critical KPI for business social media. The link Winning Likes shows what is being achieved by our clients with Social:Farmers' social media marketing techniques.