Selling Using Social Media

We think the ultimate proof of the effectiveness of social media marketing is directly increasing product sales solely from social media activity.

When done correctly it works superbly.

Case study: Product Sales From Social Media

In this example the social media marketing was targeted at UK grassland farmers. A control period of 18 months without social media marketing was used for comparison. The social media marketing sales numbers relate to the following 18 months of timed content bursts i.e. not continuous. This period was from July 2018 to December 2019.

The result of our work was an increase of 2,800% in client sales of the particular product with most of the sales being from new business. Repeat and sales of other products are not included in these numbers.

If your end-user sales are through distributors, the power of social media marketing is the same. Leads are generated for referral and content promoting your relationship with a distributor helps keep your brand front-of-mind amongst their customers and within the distributor's team.