Optimising Content For Agriculture

Social:Farmers produces hundreds of unique social media creatives annually with each post tracked for effectiveness. But it's not just about how many likes a piece of content wins.

We score for who was hitting the like button: whether it is target audience farmers or some of the many fans of farm livestock, farm machinery and rural living.

The millions comprising the BBC Countryfile demographic are a soft target and a number of agricultural businesses have built large non-farming audiences by focussing on likes and followers as KPIs, without caring to examine their audience demographic too closely.

We specialise in delivering farming audience content to farming-only audiences but content should be designed for different purposes. A multiple post campaign can be used to build on product features and benefits consecutively without trying to pour a proverbial two litres into a one litre post.

A post about an event stand is going to be competing with many others at the same event. Something unique is needed. Most video posts achieve little cut-through even with high production standards. So is video worth using at all?

Tracking the outcomes of the thousands of posts we have published means that we have unique knowledge about creating content that works.

Persuasive Writing And Social Media

Consider a 'Beware of the Bull' sign. It grabs attention and influences without adjectives, adverbs or accompanying graphics in just four short words. ('Free Money' would work well with just two.) The point is that short messages can be the most powerful, social media is much more visual that textual. Long spiels are simply scrolled past in milliseconds.

Being able to practise the art of abbreviation is important when writing for social media. Like Marconi's Marconigrams imagining you're having to stump up £1.50 for each word can help concentrate the writing mind.

There is more on writing for social media here Six Tips For Persuasive Writing On Social Media.

The Write Objectives

Three Do's
[1] Have a reason why the reader will be compelled to be interested in what you are writing. For example, wanting them to buy is exactly the wrong motivation when you're writing selling copy.

[2] Work to a writing plan. Even within just 280 characters, the classic beginning-middle-end structure works best.

[3] Be clear about having a single main writing objective; be it brand awareness, product awareness, knowledge sharing, opinion influencing, calling to action or selling.

And Three Don'ts
[1] Avoid hammering out the same marketing messages. Good social media should be taking time and creative input because effective content is like air, news and fish; it should always be as fresh as possible. Bored audiences melt silently away.

[2] Never use imperative verbs or phrases, even apparently friendly informal ones. Staying as close as possible to 'chatting' works well.

[3] Don't ignore continual low engagement, so track the numbers and try to learn. And if you think we might be able to help, with reach or content or both, we are always available for a friendly chat.

Images especially for Social Media in Agriculture

For each of our clients we need around 100 high quality, interesting, farming images or videos per year.

We use pure studio graphics only when necessary; in social media marketing to farmers studio graphics come a surprisingly long way behind images for farmer popularity.

Given the time and creativity often involved developing graphics this may be surprising but there it is. Real-life farming images win hands-down.

The great majority of our images come from Farm Pics, our own one-stop resource for UK farming images.