Upward Trend in UK Farmers Using Twitter

Great news on Wall Street, where social media shares get traded, equals substantial rises in the profits or substantial rises in user numbers of social media companies.
Facebook is hot for Wall Street, Twitter not so hot.

Taking the financials' view of social media channels is not so useful a criterion when evalulating channels for marketing communications purposes. What matters, of course, is what real people are doing out in the world.

Social media is a generic, a term for dozens of platforms. There’s a happy medium for the number of channels individuals use. Use too many channels and there’s not enough time in the day to cover all the incoming; use too few and you may miss out on the full picture that you want to have.

An interesting rule of thumb is that the number of channels being used by a person inversely correlates with their age group. The 'right' amount of social media is very much age-related.

For its 300+m users Twitter wins over the larger Facebook (1.2+ billion) for its openness. Freedom of access to news and freedom to share news.

Try taking a cat apart

Try to take a cat apart to see how it works, Douglas Adams wrote, and you have a non-working cat on your hands. Imagine taking Facebook apart and you have over a billion private relationship groups being facilitated by the social media platform. Absent is a central brain controlling everyone's posting and useage. Also absent in less tangible way is the sense of open-ness created on Twitter.

Twitter’s USP and the reason Twitter co-exists alongside a ubiquitous Facebook is not hard to fathom. Because anyone can follow anyone we can get to be 'closer' than ever before possible to HM Queen Elizabeth II and the Pope and the President of the United States and Rihanna ...

Print and broadcast media frequently attribute news stories with a mention that their source was a Twitter post by [just insert the name of any well-known media name ]. That the source cited is much less frequently as being a Facebook post helps us differentiate the value of having the two channels. Twitter is the mainstream, the biggest open public forum ever.

Like-minded farmers

And Twitter’s openness and ease of discovery encourages the development of new relationships with liked-minded farmers, respected ag. advisors, ag. commentators and multiple others. Twitter is the power of freedom of association as never before possible. A consideration for business is that the power of association rests with the user, who both has to a) know where you are, and then b) want to follow.

That farmers are using Twitter in increasing numbers can be attributed to these differences between the channels, it’s both the best source of news and the best means of freely associating with others. Nearly all new farmer users of Twitter are Facebook users.

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