Using social media to drive web traffic

Social media marketing is highly effective in driving web traffic of the highest quality. Why? Because the visitors are pre-qualified through showing interest and then acting to click to reach your chosen page.

Website Visits Driven By Social Media Marketing

In this example our client's target audience was dairy farmers in the UK and one of their ongoing marketing aims is to encourage target audience visits to specific product pages.

As a direct result of this social media activity visits increased by almost 700% compared to SEO and all other page visits.

Between the active social media periods page visits are increased by 146%. This persisting gain is partly the result of social media posts being included in Google and Bing searches, and so both winning extra clicks and lifting the page ranking.

Social media massively out-performs SEO for increasing web traffic from farmer audiences.

Fundamentally this is because SEO is only reactive marketing. Until a farmer runs a search, if ever, absolutely no marketing is happening. It's a waiting game. Social media marketing offers precision timing. This is front-foot, proactive marketing with no waiting involved.