Introducing Farm Pics

As you will know, if your audience is UK farmers then the secret of achieving engagement and winning likes is posting interesting images and videos of UK farming.

But until now a problem for social media managers has often been sourcing a regular supply of the right images of UK farming at the right price for social media.

True, the free and stock sites are filled with farming images - but from all corners of global agriculture and using images of lovely Swiss cows or great Iowan corn just isn't appropriate for the farmers of the rolling fields of Devon, Dyfed and Deeside.

New in 2020, Social:Farmers offers Farm Pics as a one-stop solution for sourcing new and original UK farming images; all available ready-sized for instant use on your social media channels and affordably priced at just £10 per image including an unlimited usage licence. Pictures and video alike are recently shot with social media use in mind, and new content is being added monthly as Farm Pics grows to become the leading site of its kind.


"Everyone's an expert," the DJ Terry Wogan used to like to remind listeners bold enough to suggest improvements to his radio show. And using social media for business has some parallels.

It's a natural given that many people in business have their own personal social media accounts - often on Facebook. And we use social media with confidence, it's easy, it's fun, it's interesting, so how different can it be for business?

The elephant trap that needs to be avoided is not seeing or appreciating the polar difference between how our peer-to-peer personal accounts work, and how business accounts work. The driving follower expectations are very different.

Unless your business is in the heavy metal machinery or genetics sectors, straight promotional and marketing posts tend not to win many likes, beyond those from supportive colleagues, and that's a very important KPI. So if you just aren't winning enough likes it could be the right time to have a rethink and plan a social media reboot.

Our Masterclasses are designed to help. We cover all the whys and hows of making social media marketing work. We specialise only in the agriculture sector and have several years of fingers on keyboards experience of launching new accounts and running accounts very successfully, including the ultimate acid test - proven consistently increasing sales as a direct result of our involvement in the delivery of the social media marketing.