Social:Farmers specialises in social media marketing for agriculture. Since 2014 we have been using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to deliver great marketing to farmers and influencers for leading brands and sector leaders in agriculture. Use the links on this page for insights into how we work and the kind of results clients are achieving.

Social media marketing in agriculture is receiving interest like never before in the ongoing pandemic.

With face-to-face meetings, events, agricultural shows and even normal life off-limits, social media has further increased as a way for people, farmers and businesses to keep in touch.

Our clients have been able to maintain and increase their social media marketing in the knowledge that social media is the most direct and most cost-effective way of marketing to farmers.

That was exactly our aim (not the pandemic obviously) when Social:Farmers launched back in 2014. Advertising, PR, events, sponsorship, websites, PPC, SEO and email we are leaving for their respective experts, our 100% focus is on social media marketing in agriculture.

How are we different? We have conducted over 100 research studies, so building a unique knowledgebase. We understand how to make social media reach farmers effectively, and with that unique reach capability we design, craft, originate and publish hundreds of unique pieces of creative social media content for our clients every year. All fulfilling defined marketing communication aims and objectives.

These achieved objectives even include the one that some still believe impossible; the objective of selling products direct to farmers using social media.

We believe this compelling demonstration of power to influence is the ultimate proof that social media marketing methodologies like ours are without equal. And for businesses selling products through distributors we use the same power to influence in synergising distributors' marketing with our clients' marketing.

Do please take a virtual stroll round our site. And we are always pleased to chat about ways of using social media marketing in agriculture. Just call or email if you would like to know some more about the services we can offer and how we work.